Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some interesting facts in Hospitality and Tourism Industry:

The words “tourism and travel” are not synonyms. All tourism involves travel but not all travel is tourism.

The first rail link was between Liverpool to Manchester was built in 1830 AD.

20th century is known as “The Century of Mass Tourism”.

Top three countries United States, Germany and United Kingdom are spending most on tourism all over the world.

France, Spain and United States are the world’s top three must tourism destinations.

World first modern hotel “City Hotel” was built in 1794 in New York City in USA.

E. M. Statler is an American who initiated the chain hotels during 1920s.

The first definition of tourism was given by Herman Van Scheullard in 1910.

“Thomas Cook” who is known as a pioneer and greatest travel organizer started the package tours around the world from 1855 AD.

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